Greenhouse Earth

Due to full landfills, a corrupt government and a densely populated narrow coastline, Lebanon has been suffering from a waste crisis since July 2015.  Piles of garbage have been rotting in the streets exuding methane toxic fumes into the air, harming the unique land of the cedars and the health of civilians living in the country.  

By speaking to Recycle Beirut, one of the only successful recycling initiatives in the country, we learned that two thirds of the country’s waste is organic matter. They informed us that by recycling and organic compost collecting the country would be able to reduce their waste by 98%. 

We challenged ourselves to design a compost collection bin that is both functional and attractive for the city of Beirut and could potentially become an icon of the city through collaboration of the cities' artists. By providing a compost collection design that would be easily accessible and culture specific we move one step closer to achieving a cleaner Lebanon.